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Strands of Destiny

Strands of Destiny

Strands of Destiny is Peter Horrobin’s personal story of how God prepared him for his life’s calling, envisioned him through the remains of a crashed car and finally established the work of Ellel Ministries at Ellel Grange in 1986. This extraordinary and often miraculous story, will build your faith as you journey with Peter through the ups and downs of an amazing spiritual adventure.

There are many strands to the work of Ellel Ministries and in Strands of Destiny, Peter illustrates how God wove those many strands into an amazing tapestry – a tapestry which demonstrates to a very hurting world that God loves, God cares and God heals. Only God could have used the remains of a crashed car to illustrate the work He wanted to do in the restoration of crashed and broken lives. Only God could have taken the vision for a healing centre in the North-West of England and launched a ministry that would impact the nations through the lives which He transformed!

Each chapter illustrates how God prepared the way for each step of the journey, often with a chain of supernatural events that only He could have done. How He set apart a piece of land in Hungary in the nineteen twenties that would see its destiny fulfilled in the nineteen nineties. How he established Ellel Scotland through a series of amazing God-inspired episodes. How He healed the broken back of a young nurse and launched the work of Ellel Ministries in Australia. Every chapter is a testimony of thanksgiving for the amazing love and provision of God.

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The book contains over 400 pages of text and 48 pages of colour photographs.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: J. Lee Grady Former editor, Charisma magazine; Director, The Mordecai Project (USA)
    Peter has challenged me to learn how to set captives free from abuse, trauma, addiction, fear and shame. His spiritual journey will not only inspire you; it will equip you to be a vessel of Christ’s healing.
  • Author: Ken & Roslyn Curry, Directors, Health Care in Christ (AU)
    A wonderful, extraordinary and truly inspiring story of God’s faithfulness and wondrous ways, as He weaves His Kingdom purposes in the lives of His servants. I commend this book to all.
  • Author: Rev. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie
    This book is a remarkable combination of vision, faith and obedience. Peter’s transparency, honesty, and integrity mixed with tenacity and perseverance, are a testimony to how the Kingdom of God is advanced through ordinary people who choose to believe in the God of the extraordinary.
  • Author: George Otis, Jr. The Sentinel Group (USA)
    I am sitting here at my desk weeping. The stories of God’s leading and provision are extraordinary - this book exudes hope from cover to cover. It will change your life!
  • Author: Bishop Graham Dow formerly Bishop of Carlisle (UK)
    I have read many stirring accounts of people of faith. For me, this account of God’s amazing work through Ellel Ministries stands alongside the most thrilling I have read. It is contemporary. It is full of faith, lessons learnt, fierce demonic opposition, brokenness, discipleship, team building, healings, deliverance and miraculous financial provision. What God has done in 30 years is utterly astonishing. I have just loved reading this book.
  • Author: Fatima
    “When I started reading Strands of Destiny, I could not put it down until 5am the following morning! This is a story about how God works through individuals that have a heart for His Kingdom. It gives everyone hope that God has a plan for each one of us if we are prepared to walk closely with Him - a powerful story.” Fatima Yakubu
  • Author: Tracy Bankuti
    I just could not read one more page without telling you how blessed I am by reading Strands of Destiny. I find myself praising the Lord with each page. Your heart comes through so fresh and so real. I have had tears streaming down my face in thankfulness to our Lord and Saviour - and I am only half way through!!!!!
  • Author: Angela Davidson
    I couldn’t put it down. I wept, rejoiced, was astonished and astounded and marvelled at the miracles! It could have a subtitle, ‘Miracles Today’. I am doling it out to my friends including my pastor!
  • Author: Margaret Silveste
    I have been so blessed by Strands of Destiny - an amazing story of God's purposes, leading, faithfulness and humble obedience over so many years.
  • Author: Jim Murdock
    I have been unable to put it down since starting to read it. I have been amazed and deeply impacted by all I have read and l have only got to Ch. 9! Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the vision and persistence in seeing it through.
  • Author: Beatriz Benestad
    I have just finished STRANDS OF DESTINY .... I could hardly put the book down from start to finish. The humility, honesty and walk of faith is considerable - so many pearls of wisdom, learned the hard way, and forged in the afflictions of the dark nights of the soul. This, I believe, is one of the most honest and important books I have ever read!
  • Author: Roy and Edith
    An amazing book! What a wonderful testimony to all that the Lord has accomplished through a life wholly surrendered to Him. A joy to read - It truly is a treasure.
  • Author: Morris Ruddick
    The world is looking. The world is looking for the reality of God. What I found in "Strands of Destiny" is the real deal. As I reflect on Peter Horrobin's story, it is on several levels that I highly recommend it. It is a compelling story, an adventure of a life of faith. It is a brutally honest autobiography of a man who has continually reached for a standard higher than himself. Over the course of this man's lifetime have been a sequence of miracles and the consistent operation of the supernatural, which can only be explained as the result of a very serious and honest-with-himself prayer-life.
    The story is rich in the substance and practicality which defined the First Century Church, which turned the world upside down, or more correctly expressed, turned it right-side up. "Strands of Destiny" also contains the unfolding of an amazing business model, driving the incredible growth of the practical outworking of his ministry, Ellel Ministries, and his passion to bring healing and help to others. It is a model operated in partnership with and in response to clear and distinct guidance from the Holy Spirit.
    All this reflects a consistent humility, fear of the Lord and wisdom incorporated in the sequence of steps defining his life and ministry and the ministry associates he has mobilized. Their thrust of bringing healing and restoration to the broken has grown to reflect facilities in 30 nations of the world. "Strands of Destiny" represents a breath of fresh air for the uncompromising rigor and talents of those the author has mobilized and trained to bring the Lord's healing power to the afflicted and destitute. This remnant of practitioners live lives conforming to this Kingdom standard in making a difference in a world wrought with suffering. Yet, more than any of these other dimensions, this story reflects the Kingdom of God with all its original gifts and power operating in a world challenged by and wrought with corruption and falsehoods. As already noted, it reflects the "real deal" and in my view, the fullness of the way that Jesus intended for the spiritually mature to live and to serve.
  • Author: Jenny
    I would recommend this book to everyone. Taste and see that the Lord is good, His glory goes on forever!! As someone who has been healed and delivered by the Lord through Ellel Ministries, reading this book brought me to tears. Peter has given so much of himself, to be used by our Father and the Lord has been faithful and done amazing things through his obedience! This book is a must read for believers, especially if you’re on the fence about healing and deliverance in the world/Church today.
  • Author: David B Brown
    Excellent examples of Gods power and grace at work over many years of service. Hard times when we go our own way. Blessings when we obey God even when times are tough. Great book - read it in a week. Will read it again.
  • Author: Marcel
    This is a most interesting book whether you know Peter or not. He is an amazing man who, under God, has achieved so much. A MUST read! Challenging and faith-building.

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