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40-Day Devotional Series – Full Set

Daily devotionals are a great way of absorbing a lot of precious truth one day at a time. This series of pocket-sized 40-day devotional volumes by Peter Horrobin encapsulate gems from Peter’s extensive teaching ministry. Perfect gift books for your friends as well as for yourself!

Encouragement enables us to look up instead of down and gives us the determination to keep going whatever our circumstances. This devotional, built around key verses in the Psalms, reflect on how God encouraged David and provide daily encouragement for Christian believers today.

Where do we go for help, when we need God’s wisdom? Our primary source of wisdom must be the Word of God. And within the Bible, the book which encapsulates a wealth of pithy wisdom is the book of Proverbs. This devotional volume provides a rich source of wisdom to feed the soul and encourage the spirit.

Part 3 of 4 in this series of 40-day devotionals by Peter Horrobin encapsulate gems from Peter’s extensive teaching ministry. ‘Guidance’ sets out in forty faith-building steps the foundational principles of how God uses His Word to guide and direct us and show us how to know His will for our lives.

Life can deliver some hard blows and unless we learn to turn to God for the comfort we need, we may be tempted to find our comfort in all the wrong places. This devotional volume draws on many different parts of the Bible to deliver a message of comfort from the heart of God.

Discover Healing and Freedom

To live a full, healthy Christian life you will need healing along the way. Healing from injustices, against abuse, self-hatred, entrenched personal sin, broken relationships, rejection, destroyed trust, lost dreams, depression, loneliness. Sin and wounds can often be tied to even physical pains. The list of things that hurt us along life’s way can have a profound effect on our body and on our personality, decision making, and on our relationship with God and others. This is why Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted. His healing radically changes lives, and still does, today!

In ten profound chapters, Peter Horrobin unpacks the Christian healing ministry for us all. In ways that anyone can understand, he explains how getting the foundations right changes everything. And how when we apply the principles in God’s Word, and follow the teaching of Jesus, every single one of us can take huge steps forward in our personal journey of healing. You don’t need to be a theologian to either understand it or receive God’s healing for yourself. An excellent resource for local churches. Ideal for small group use.

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Strands of Destiny

This extraordinary, and often miraculous, story shows how God uses the different strands of a person’s life to prepare them for their God-given destiny. Peter Horrobin’s personal account of how God envisioned him through the remains of a crashed car, and then established the healing work of Ellel Ministries at Ellel Grange, will build your faith as you journey with him through the ups and downs of what became a world-wide spiritual adventure. There are now ministry and training centres in over thirty different countries.

A-Z Guide to the Healing Ministry

In David Cross’s A – Z Guide to the Healing Ministry you will find answers to almost every question you could ever have about the healing and deliverance ministries. This is much more than a reference book for occasional use – Peter Horrobin describes it as “a healing goldmine”! You will quickly get absorbed in David’s remarkable book. He writes in a way that draws you in and leads you on and before you know it you’ve soaked up a wealth of truth.

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Journey to Freedom Complete Set

In this remarkable series of books, Peter takes the reader on a step-by-step journey of personal transformation – one day at a time. The restoration of God’s order in a person’s life is Peter’s objective as this is the foundation for both healing and discipleship. The testimonies from those who have done Journey to Freedom are truly amazing.

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