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Sarah Shaw looked in control of her life. She had a successful career as a manager in retail business. But she came to a point when she could no longer keep up appearances, by controlling her tormented inner world. So explosive was her inner pain, and so damaged was she by the consequences of childhood abuse, that she was eventually put on a lifetime’s incapacity benefit. Her consultant psychiatrist was at a loss how to help. This story is not, however, about the horrors of abuse, but is an extraordinary testimony to the triumph of God’s healing love.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Ann
    This is an amazing book. I was blessed to read how Sarah's dysfunctional life was touched and changed by God's great love. The steps Sarah took in her healing process were clearly explained. This book will give many struggling in despair, a real hope for a new future. God is able and this book shows how He can and will bring new life to hopeless situations
  • Author: S.Piaggio
    I loved this book. You can guess that she went through some terrible things, and she mentions some, but not in detail. The point of the book is to show the consequences of childhood abuse, and to show how to get healing. I thought it was very sensitively and intelligently written. I never went through anything like this, but it helps me to begin to relate. I would recommend it to anyone who has been through abuse, and to those who are trying to help people like this.
  • Author: Jmi Byrne
    Thank you very pleased.
    A very interesting book, well written, easy to understand.
    its amazing what Sarah went through and was completely released.
  • Author: free to be me
    Hope-giving, inspiring and amazing
    Sarah's book has taught me a lot about who God really is and how much He really can do in broken lives. The story is written very well, with honesty as well as dignity and brings all the honour to Jesus. I have been encouraged by reading it and have drawn closer to God myself because of it. Beyond any doubt it will bring much hope to every Christian who reads it, in particular those who are struggling themselves due to childhood experiences.
    Brilliant thought provoking book showing how amazing God is.
  • Author: Liz Macon
    Intensely moving
  • Author: D. Chapmanon
    A delicate subject dealt with from personal experience. This is a Christian perspective on coping with abuse and splintered personality.
  • Author: Dangermouse10
    Contained in this book is a wonderful testimony of what God can do in broken lives. He can do what nobody else can do, take the broken pieces of our lives and turn them into something beautiful. I thank God for Sarah's life and thank Sarah for writing this book:-)
  • Author: Christine Pook
    Sarah's walk to become the woman that God wants her to be.
    A most inspiring book. Sarah's story is very moving and a wonderful testimony of Gods healing power when all looked hopeless. I recommend this book for those who want to learn more about praying for healing at a deeper level.
  • Author: JC
    Excellent reading and wrote from the authors heart

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