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Ruth Hawkey


Healing the Human Spirit

In this revised and updated edition Ruth seeks to bring understanding and insight into what the human spirit is, how it functions, can it be damaged? How could that affect us? And how can it be healed and restored?

Price: £9.99 (approx €11.67)
Truth & Freedom 10 of 55: Ministering To Children - MP3 Download

Speaker: Ruth Hawkey
64 mins
We don't always know how to minister to children.Teaching on this CD will be helpful to parents, teachers and all those who work with children in the caring profession. Drawing on her many experiences as a classroom teacher, Ruth explains how children ..... (see details for more information)

Price: £3.59 (approx €4.19)
Truth & Freedom 13 of 55: The Gentle Shepherd - MP3 Download

Speaker: Ruth Hawkey
55 mins
Wounds in the human spirit go very deep.Teaching on this CD will bless you and deepen your relationship with the Gentle Shepherd. Ruth explains how many people are like lambs who carry deep wounds in their human spirit preventing them from knowing God ..... (see details for more information)

Price: £3.59 (approx €4.19)