A delightful, thought provoking story for the young at heart of all ages
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The Truth Stick

A Parable for Adults and Children


by Peter Horrobin

As you turn the pages of The Truth Stick, you will soon be caught up in the life-changing adventures of Ratty, Mole and Badger. They look for an answer to Ratty’s big question, “What is truth?”. In doing so they discover the amazing secrets that lie hidden in Wild Winters Wood!

A delightful, thought provoking story and a parable for the young in heart of all ages.

ISBN: 9780954638016
148 pages


  1. Isla

    An amazing and charming book that grabs your attention with a fun-filled and dramatic storyline and then unravels into a beautiful allegory of what life is all about. Perfect for children and adults alike!

  2. anon

    Excellent condition it really was as new.


“This was one of the best books I’ve ever read! A great story with a deeper meaning. I would definitely recommend it to my younger brothers!

Jake Taylor, when aged eleven.


“The Truth Stick will delight young listeners, inspire junior readers and is a thoroughly enjoyable tale for the not-so-young as well! Next time I hear ‘Granny, read me a bedtime story’, I will be at the ready with this book. You will not want your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews to miss out on the fun of this adventure or the deeper truths woven into this captivating tale.”

Denise Cross, (8 times Granny!)


“If you are a child you will enjoy ‘The Truth Stick‘ enormously. If you are an adult be prepared for unbelievable nostalgia! For the young this well-written story will give either unquestioning delight or simulate important questions about the nature of truth, the Good News and the greatness and majesty of God. This is a beautifully illustrated book and a jolly good read! I’m looking forward to introducing it to my youngest grandchildren and, perhaps, their parents and my not-so-young grandchildren as well!”

Jim Graham, Pastor Emeritus, Gold Hill Baptist Church


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Big Flood

Chapter 2 Molina’s Picture

Chapter 3 Ratty’s Attic

Chapter 4 Sebastian’s Secret

Chapter 5 A Visit to Brock

Chapter 6 The Great Badger

Chapter 7 Disaster at the Riverbank

Chapter 8 To The Great Badger’s Sett

Chapter 9 The Biggest Flood Ever

Chapter 10 The Truth Stick

Chapter 11 The Great Badger Explains

Chapter 12 A New Day Dawns


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