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The Power of a New Identity

Overcoming A Broken Self-Image


by Dan Sneed

If you struggle with issues like rejection, fear, guilt or shame, it is possible that the picture you currently have of yourself is not built on truth. You hear about being a new creation in Christ, but like most Christians you still operate in terms of your “old” self. As a result, your past suffering and failure actually dictate who you are and how you act.

According to Dan Sneed, this is spiritual oppression and it can be broken. With fresh insight and powerful teaching, he will guide you into biblical truth about God’s picture of you!

Don’t let a false self-image continue to defeat you. Learn which lies you have believed and follow these life-giving steps to freedom.

ISBN: 9781852406363
192 pages


  1. Honolulu Born

    While some will find similarity with two books similarly entitled Who I Am In Christ by Neil Anderson or the one by Joyce Meyer, I found Sneed’s book much easier to read and thought his treatment and explanation of the concept of strongholds (whether emotional, intellectual, volitional or spiritual) and of what he terms “self-talk” very helpful and practical! Recommended for believers new and old!

  2. mrs g. a. campbell

    This book is brilliant for those Christians seeking to be set free from their broken past or who struggle to see themselves through God’s eyes. After reading this book I now see who I am in Christ and that has changed my life for the better despite difficult times. A must read book!

  3. Rodger C. Niemeier

    A little known gem
    I often re-read and use the content of Dan Sneed’s book to work with Christians who struggle with debilitating, life-robbing issues in their pursuit of growth in Christ. Dan does a great job sharing the principles of appropriating your new identity in Christ, as well as recognising and leaving behind your “old you” identity. I appreciate all his personal illustrations and down-to-earth way of explaining things. I highly recommend this book for group studies for Christians in general, or those who deal with particular obstacles to growth, like addictions, wounds from the past (abuse), etc. This is indeed an effective perspective-changing book for Christians so that they can move ahead in their personal growth in Christ.

  4. Private1

    A little wordy, but core concepts are fabulous and well-explained. Identity is EVERYTHING! We see so many struggling with identity issues, both Christian and secular. Most of the problems in your Christian walk will be solved if you get ahold of your identity, not just the identity you have in common with every Christian (i.e., forgiven, child of God, etc.), but also your PERSONAL identity as the book says: Ask God what He was thinking when He created you, and what He thinks of you today. We each have a PERSONAL relationship with Christ that is unique.

  5. steven gleason

    The content in this book has the power to transform anyone’s life. I recommend this book to every christian that desires to be made whole.

  6. Anon

    Powerful, precise, simple, relatable, very practical!

  7. Anja

    Heart changing book! It a wonderful tool to remind/drive home who we are in Christ.

  8. Sarah Williams

    Good book, would recommend

  9. Anon

    Rebuild. excellent book.
    Very good at taking us through the process of rebuilding and helping us to become all we were made to be.

  10. Peter Acreman


  11. David Cleave

    Very good at taking us through the process of rebuilding and helping us to become all we were made to be.


“To introduce Dan and his ministry to others, the first words what came to mind was ‘it’s a Holy Spirit-like’. A person committed to encouraging others, realistic, pragmatic, helpful, trustworthy and faithful.

And my encouragement for you is that you will find out how right my description is in this book. He’s the same as all the rest of us. He can use the encouragement, too.”

Jack Hayford, President/Pastor The King’s Seminary The Church On The Way

Table of Contents


1 A Tale of Men and Grasshoppers
2 It Was Meant to Be So Different
3 Who Do You Think You Are?
4 My Dog Spot and the Strongholds of His Life
5 Parental Modelling and Influence
6 Life Experiences
7 The Power of Forgiveness
8 Leaving Your Past Behind
9 The Mask-Maker’s Game
10 Working it Out
11 Free at Last!

Appendix Who am I in Christ?

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