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Right Relationships
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The Miracles of Pierrepont


by Jill Southern

Peter Horrobin raised a desperate cry for help to God for a place where Christians can be healed, trained and equipped as effective disciples of Jesus Christ.  This remarkable book tells the story of how God answered with a vision and provision for an Ellel Ministries ‘teaching hospital’ at Ellel Ministries Pierrepont. This is the miraculous account of how this vision was brought to fulfilment.

Jill Southern-Jones, who has been Director of the work at Ellel Pierrepont since its beginning, shares her inspiring testimony. God called her out of secular work, into full time ministry to lead this challenging new adventure of faith.

As the story unfolds you will be taken on an extraordinary journey. Punctuated with accounts of the miraculous, she shares how God transformed an empty, derelict school into a dynamic hub of training and ministry.

The work at Ellel Pierrepont God has impacted the nations. The accounts of how God met the practical and financial needs is a dynamic testimony to the grace of God in the face of seeming impossibility.

Above all, this book is a testimony to God’s unwavering faithfulness when we follow him in obedience, irrespective of the challenges that have to be faced along the way.

This book will most definitely build your faith and trust in God.

ISBN: 9781852407407
192 pages


  1. Lois Lunio

    Amazing Story of God’s provision from 20pence – £220k.and much much more. My level of faith and trust in God has been challenged and expanded. This is an easy to read book for Christians who want to have their faith levels challenged and for non Christians alike. I recommend it very highly it is a can’t put down book as you look to see how the answer for that one come!!! Amazing story,amazing faith amazing place and AMAZING GOD! Thank You Jill and all the team over the years for this wonderful inspiring story. Praying it will go out far and wide. God Bless

  2. Ally T

    WOW!!! I read this book over the weekend and could not put it down. I have been privileged to listen to Jill’s story about God’s provision for Pierrepont on a few occasions and I have been blessed. However, the book gives a lot more detail. It is very well written and holds one’s attention to the end.

    I was deeply touched, encouraged and uplifted; first of all by God’s guidance and provision in the work being established and maintained until the present day. What impacted me was Jill’s faithfulness to God and her steadfastness to His vision for this work at Pierrepont. I wept she was let down by others but also wept in joy at her faith in God to supply all her needs as well as for this ministry to be established.

    This book is going to impact the lives of many wherever they are in their journey with the Lord.

  3. Edmund L

    I was tremendously blessed after reading this book and feel privilege to be a part of what God is doing at and through Ellel Pierrepont.

  4. sally townsend

    A great and wonderful story!!

  5. Debbie Michener

    It is of such interest to read of what God is doing in this part of His kingdom! You will be strengthened in your faith!

  6. anon

    Fantastic book

  7. Crafty Sharon

    As a frequent visitor to Pierrpont I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and was very touched by Jill Southern-Jones, what a fantastic journey, it has deeply touched my heart. Highly recommended.

  8. MelanieA

    Amazing book. Reading how God provides for our needs when we are doing what he wants us to do. Great modern faith builder.

  9. Sheila Jacobs

    This is the amazing story of how Ellel Pierrepont came into being. God promised to provide them with every ‘knife, fork and spoon’, when they had nothing – and then did so in truly extraordinary ways.

    Reading of these modern-day miracles and the testimony in this book raised my level of faith, and inspired me. Awesome, mind-blowing reading. Prepare to have your life changed and your faith challenged!

  10. Tassi

    Really enjoyed this – very inspiring.


“Jill Southern with her colourful personality and unquenchable spirit, was one of those who had attended the second Nine Week School at Glyndley Manor and had been deeply impacted personally by the teaching and ministry. Jill had no idea at that moment that God was going to call her into Ellel Ministries to pioneer the miraculous acquisition of the property and the development of the work.

What followed is recorded in this truly remarkable book. As Jill tells you the story of adventuring with God in an extraordinary journey of faith with Ellel Ministries, you will be challenged and excited to see how God took the original vision of a ‘teaching hospital’ and transformed it into a living, dynamic and vibrant centre under her leadership.

Now the fruit of that original vision has gone round the world – we have so much for which to give thanks and praise to God.

This book is all about how God used Jill to fulfil the vision. I pray that you will be as thrilled by what you read as I am to be writing this commendation.”

Peter Horrobin, Founder and international director Ellel Ministries International

Table of Contents


1 Let the Vision Begin!
2 Dealing with the Ploughing Equipment
3 Three Good Reasons
4 Foundations
5 Every Knife, Fork and Spoon
6 From Ministry of Defence to Ministry of Deliverance
7 No Turning Back
8 The Heart of God to the Heart of Man
9 Prayer for Healing
10 Deliverance
11 Lifting the Bowls
12 Blessed are the Flexible!
13 You Are My Rock

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