The Ingathering of Israel
Stepping Stones to the Father Heart of God

Stepping Stones to the Father Heart of God


Explaining the Cross

Explaining the Cross

The Ingathering of Israel

A Life Called to Miraculously Help Jewish People Return to Their Homeland


by Esther Lever

God has amazing adventures God has in store for us as we respond to Him in obedience to His calling.  Esther Lever tells the story of how God took her from her ordinary life lived in England to help bring Jewish people back to Israel in fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.

At her age most people would retire to a quiet life.  But God God called her to to help Jewish people return to Israel from the remote regions of the former Soviet Union. Inevitably, adventures and miracles are never far away.

Flying in old Russian helicopters and planes in a war zone. Sleeping under kitchen tables. Dodging shadowy figures that were following her. Esther shares accounts of divine intervention, angelic help and God moving in power. These are all part of this inspiring, and courageous story.

This book is a testimony of how God can speak dramatically into any person’s life.  He can take them into places one could never imagine. It is also a story of God’s passion to keep his ancient word to His people, the Jews.

ISBN: 9781852407100
176 pages


  1. Mrs Joan M Gladders (verified owner)

    This book is true to the author’s life. Reading Esther’s adventures brings back to memory the reality of lisyening to the events as they happened through the years

  2. Eunice Leach (verified owner)

    What a mighty God he is, this book is an easy read

  3. Terry in Sheffield (verified owner)

    Excellent! A biographical account of an ordinary person’s involvement in re-homing Jews from various countries to their new lives in Israel. A must read for anyone interested in God’s involvement with His People in the 21st century.

  4. michaela (verified owner)

    Amazing woman and a very blessed one too , a book to make you revaluate your faith , worth reading .

  5. MQ (verified owner)

    A beautiful and inspiring story of how God has used a woman who thought her useful life was over. Plenty of dramatic supernatural stuff. Gives helpful background to the recent phenomenon of Russian speaking Jews in Israel becoming Messianic.

  6. Malcolm S Hindmarsh (verified owner)

    An excellent book and the author copes with this important subject very well and from first hand experience. It was recommended to my wife who found it a very good book. Very refreshing to hear of a life dedicated to helping Jewish people instead of hating them..

  7. Sheila (verified owner)

    This book is a gripping God filled book. It’s wonderful to see how God can use people when they are open to Him and listen to His voice.

  8. Anon (verified owner)

    God stories are the best! A really exciting read. You will be inspired by this intercessor’s journey of faith with the Lord.


“Why should you read this book? I think it is worth reading for several reasons but not least because it’s about the remarkable things God has done in the ministry of Esther Lever.

Esther has a determination to be obedient to her Lord, and because of this God has been able to use her as a support to Jewish people in many remote parts of the earth. She has been travelling the world in search of Jewish communities would say that Esther is pretty remarkable herself.

To enable her to fulfil her calling, God has intervened many times in supernatural ways and sometimes by angelic visitations. The stories of the people and events she describes make inspirational reading.

I certainly think she is for her willingness to put up with danger, discomfort, and problems at an age when most of us are looking to put our feet up and take it easy.

It has been my privilege to know Esther for some years now. I know her motive for writing this book is not to attract attention to herself. It is rather to respond to God’s prompting to write it in order to show that He has in no way cast aside the Jewish people but on the contrary has much yet to fulfil in His purposes for them.

If you have an interest at all in Israel and the Jewish people, you will enjoy this book.”

-Russell Bowles

Table of Contents


1 How the Lord Called Me
2 The Lord Had the Plan
3 Adventures in Odessa
4 Changed on the Horizon
5 The Sailings Begin
6 Aid to Armenia
7 Aliyah from Armenia
8 More Aliyah from Armenia
9 How the Ingathering from Armenia Continues

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