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The Choice

Serving Heaven or Serving Hell


by Andy Robinson

Rejecting his family and Christian upbringing, Andy Robinson wanted everything life had to offer to satisfy his every pleasure. God seemed so limiting. His family held him back. The devil offered so much. He made a choice, and made a deal with the devil, rejecting God.

Life was on the up. He wanted drink, drugs, women and the freedom to do whatever he wanted. Every indulgence was satisfied. Andy’s world was a model for youthful pleasure and his freedom to choose. Until one day his world came crashing down around him.

With broken relationships, Andy found himself homeless, desperate and living in fear on the streets. He was out of control and in a downward spiral of destruction. Prison became his only safe place, and when out, was at the mercy of the dark and terrifying world he unwittingly made a pact with. Despite the rebellion, God still had hold of Andy.

This story traces the series of disastrous decisions Andy made that almost destroyed his life. It also reveals the extraordinary love of God to rescue those who are utterly lost. If your life seems out of control, this book offers you the same hope that transformed Andy’s life.

ISBN: 9781852407117
144 pages


  1. Paul

    This book is the type that you pick up and then don’t really put down until you finish. With a very open and honest style Andy takes you on a journey through his life. The story twists and turns and is a thrilling read. Reading this book could well change your life.

  2. Alan Baker

    This book is a must – hard hitting, relevant and inspiring. I found it impossible to stop reading and am now reading it with my teenagers at school

  3. maria keiro


  4. John P

    A must read for those who have troubled minds or for those who know someone who is angry at the world.

  5. Mr Mark E henerson

    A humbling account of a transformed life. A well told story with some gripping accounts of a seemingly wasted young life.

  6. Liz

    I enjoyed this book

  7. June

    If you want to know how dabbling with evil can destroy your life and that only God in the form of Jesus can save you from ultimate destruction and give you life in a way you could never imagine for yourself then read this book!

  8. lockheathen

    The consequences of bad choices and the reality of the life changing choice made by one man, leading to a life in all its fullness. I have recommended this book to friends and have bought it for my brother.

  9. HT

    Read this from cover to cover on Boxing Day. Fantastic read, loved it! Honest and real, it illustrates the terrible reality and very real dangers of Satan and the destructive power he brings to humanity for those who are not living under the safety of God’s covering and protection through Jesus Christ. The moment where God met with Andy one night brought me to tears. Our Heavenly Father’s overwhelming love for His children – even those who have rejected Him as Andy did, is so evident in this book. For those who think the devil doesn’t exist or has no power in this world … read this.

  10. Jane

    Very good.

  11. Paul Thomas

    This excellent book tells Andy’s own story. Not always a comfortable read, particularly for a parent, but the it leaves you with the knowledge that however low life may take someone there is a hope which God can still provide. Compelling reading for anyone who feels there may be no way out of their current problems and for those who see a family member caught up in what seems like an endless downward spiral.

  12. Mersea Mike

    This is a book about one man’s search for meaning in life. It is totally honest in its description of Andy’s attempt to make sense of what happened to him. Most of all it describes his coming to faith and his ongoing walk with God in brutally frank terms – none of the all-too-common “come to Jesus and everything will be all right!” I thoroughly recommend this book both to those who are seeking and to those who, having started, are tempted to give up. It is a gripping read!

  13. Gerogie Good

    I love the format of this book which makes it very easy to read and it is so moving and kept me hooked. I read it in 2 days and it’s now doing the rounds with my family which usually happens when we get our hands on a page turner. I love to hear of how Christ has changed people’s lives!

  14. Jon

    “The Choice” is a fast-moving and gripping read about the life of the author, who got himself into a dark, downward spiral of self-destruction before an encounter with God. I enjoyed reading the honest account of a man who openly hated God, and the surprise he felt upon meeting Him only to find that God was not who he had expected. Perhaps the best aspect about “The Choice” compared with some similar Christian biographies is the lack of a ‘happily ever after’. Andy’s story doesn’t stop at conversion, but continues to outline the huge struggles that followed him up to the present day. By being so open about his difficulties, Andy realistically shows that while meeting God is a life-changing event, it doesn’t mean that life’s ups and downs simply disappear.


“Dramatic is an understatement! Andy’s life lurches from one tragic and despairing episode to another, thanks to his own folly and the devil’s evil schemes. Even when he manages to keep it together on the surface, it’s falling apart underneath. But God keeps hold of him and eventually Jesus Christ lifts him out of the pit and puts his feet on solid rock. Any who doubt the power of God to transform people should read this book. Andy writes with raw and vivid honesty and doesn’t sell us any pat answers. His life was sadly too typical of many trapped urban young people, but his breaking free and becoming a new person in Christ proves there is hope for all.”

Derek Tidball, Author and International Speaker


“Having known Andy as a child I am thrilled to see what God has done in his life. This is a gripping story of the restoration that God offers to broken people. All parents who despair over their child’s rejection of God should read this and be encouraged to keep on praying.”

Nick Pollard, Co-founder of Damaris Trust


“A fascinating read of a journey with God’s grace at work at our extremity.”

Dave Edwins, Retired Moorlands College Lecturer and CEO of Ontrack Ministries


“From sleeping on the streets, addictions, violence and being detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure, to significant church ministry. How? With customary honesty and humour Andy Robinson tells his story of what God can do with one wasted life. Fast moving and a great read.”

Declan Flanagan, Chief Executive, Rural Ministries


“We are helped by hearing people’s stories of God at work in their circumstances. Andy Robinson has a story to tell that is worth listening to – read it and be blessed.”

Ian Coffey, Moorlands College Vice-Principal (Strategy), MA Course Leader and Director of Leadership Training


“Don’t read this book if you can’t handle a vulnerable, shocking and disturbing story of a life lived without God. Do read this book if you are someone in the depths of darkness, wondering if there is anyone who has been there like you, addicted, lonely, destitute and yet has managed to find a genuinely better future. Do read this book if you love to read true stories of how the power of God can genuinely and authentically transform a depraved, broken, devil-spoiled life. Do read this book if you are a heartbroken Christian parent wondering if your prodigal child will ever make it home.”

David Oliver, Author


“Andy is an incredible man of God, passionate in his clear, uncompromising style. The story of his life in this book feels almost unbelievable, because his journey has so often balanced on the brink of life and death. His story is breath-taking, and yet there are deep threads of grace, forgiveness and love running throughout. Today, I encourage you to delve deep into this book. It contains huge lessons for the local church today about understanding people where they are at. My respect for a man, and indeed his wife and whole family, whom have grown in their love and grace over the years. And moving forwards, Andy is passionate about sharing his story of how God’s love is transformational and the wellspring of life. Andy today struggles with his physical health, but he keeps going, trusting God in all things and what a challenge for each one of us this is.”

Andy Dipper, Chief Executive, Viva, Together for Children

Table of Contents


1 On the Streets
2 In the Dock
3 A Deal with Satan
4 Son from Hell
5 Rejection
6 Dark and Empty
7 Prison
8 On the Up
9 Normal Life
10 Nowhere to Go
11 Escape to the Country
12 Invitation
13 Encounter
14 My Changed Life
15 All Hell Breaks Loose
16 In His Hands
17 “Tooled Up” for God

Epilogue: What About You?
About the Author

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