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Strands of Destiny

How God Used a Crashed Car to Envision and Build a Ministry


by Peter Horrobin

Strands of Destiny is Peter Horrobin’s personal story of how God prepared him for his life’s calling. Peter shares the moment God envisioned him through the remains of a crashed car, and the journey to finally establishing the work of Ellel Ministries at Ellel Grange in 1986. This extraordinary and miraculous story will build your faith as you journey with Peter through the ups and downs of an amazing spiritual adventure.

There are many strands to the work of Ellel Ministries. In Strands of Destiny Peter illustrates how God wove those many strands into an amazing tapestry. A tapestry which demonstrates to a very hurting world that God loves, God cares and God heals.

Only God could have used the remains of a crashed car to illustrate what He wanted to do in the restoration of crashed and broken lives. God alone could have taken the vision for a healing centre in the North West of England and launched a ministry that would impact the nations through the very lives which He transformed!

Each chapter illustrates how God prepared the way for each step of the journey, often with a chain of supernatural events that only He could have done. Peter shares:

  • About a piece of land in Hungary was set apart by God in the nineteen twenties that would see its destiny fulfilled in the nineteen nineties;
  • How Ellel Scotland was established through a series of amazing God-inspired episodes;
  • The healing of the broken back of a young nurse and launched the work of Ellel Ministries in Australia;
  • And much more.

Every chapter is a testimony of thanksgiving for the amazing love and provision of God.

ISBN: 9781852408350
360 pages


  1. Gunvor Rekstad (verified owner)

    Reading Strands of Destiny has been an amazing ‘walk alongside you’ as you share how God has led you from early childhood into the calling on your life. What a walk and what stories!
    Thank you so much Peter, for sharing these precious stories from you heart, giving God all the glory. It is done in such an inspiring and faith building way. It produces awe, strength and endurance as we, too, continue to trust God for “the impossible”, in His service.

  2. Hazel Tingley (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your latest book – I struggled to put it down and almost stayed up all night to read it in one go! It lifted me in an incredible way and stirred such an excitement in my whole being. It brought me joy and laughter too. Thank you for writing such a wonderful and inspiring book and for sharing your heart in honesty and love.

  3. Fatima Yakubu (verified owner)

    When I started reading Strands of Destiny, I could not put it down until 5am the following morning! This is a story about how God works through individuals that have a heart for His Kingdom. It gives everyone hope that God has a plan for each one of us if we are prepared to walk closely with Him – a powerful story.

  4. marcel (verified owner)

    This is a most interesting book whether you know Peter or not. He is an amazing man who, under God, has achieved so much. A MUST read! Challenging and faith-building.

  5. jenny (verified owner)

    I would recommend this book to everyone. Taste and see that the Lord is good, His glory goes on forever!! As someone who has been healed and delivered by the Lord through Ellel Ministries, reading this book brought me to tears. Peter has given so much of himself, to be used by our Father and the Lord has been faithful and done amazing things through his obedience! This book is a must read for believers, especially if you’re on the fence about healing and deliverance in the world/Church today.

  6. Irm (verified owner)

    I thank God for this man’s obedience, which has lead to healing
    , spiritually and physically, in my own life through Ellel Ministries USA. I like Peter’s humbleness and honesty and his willingness to share his journey with others. It has encouraged me. I highly recommend this book for those who know part of the story behind Ellel USA, and also to those who know nothing about this ministry. The rest of the story is yet to come! Praise God for His wonderful mercy in establishing this ministry in the USA!

  7. Beatriz Benestad (verified owner)

    I have just finished STRANDS OF DESTINY …. I could hardly put the book down from start to finish. The humility, honesty and walk of faith is considerable – so many pearls of wisdom, learned the hard way, and forged in the afflictions of the dark nights of the soul. This, I believe, is one of the most honest and important books I have ever read!

  8. Jim Murdock (verified owner)

    I have been unable to put it down since starting to read it. I have been amazed and deeply impacted by all I have read and l have only got to Ch. 9! Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the vision and persistence in seeing it through.

  9. Margaret Silveste (verified owner)

    I have been so blessed by Strands of Destiny – an amazing story of God’s purposes, leading, faithfulness and humble obedience over so many years.

  10. Angela Davidson (verified owner)

    I couldn’t put it down. I wept, rejoiced, was astonished and astounded and marvelled at the miracles! It could have a subtitle, ‘Miracles Today’. I am doling it out to my friends including my pastor!

  11. Pat Mellon (verified owner)

    Fascinating testimony of God’s guidance and provision! Loved it.

  12. david b brown (verified owner)

    Excellent examples of Gods power and grace at work over many years of service. Hard times when we go our own way. Blessings when we obey God even when times are tough.Great book – read it in a week. Will read it again.

  13. Louie Laing (verified owner)

    Enjoyed this book because it left you wanting to know God the way author did. It also left you wanting to meet and spend time with the author. I didn’t want to put this book down and did not want the book to end. As you read you feel like you are on an amazing journey with God.

  14. Mr. P.H. Dann (verified owner)

    I can say with utter conviction and gratitude that this book is a magnificent antidote to all that is banal and trivial in today’s society so desperate for answers. Read this book with a open heart, be utterly encouraged even in the midst of many difficult times pressures and sad perplexing and often dispiriting news headlines…. or personal struggles. This book rocks! Be refreshed, challenged, stimulated, revived, its beauty for ashes. 100% recommend.

  15. Roy and Edith (verified owner)

    An amazing book! What a wonderful testimony to all that the Lord has accomplished through a life wholly surrendered to Him. A joy to read – It truly is a treasure.

  16. Morris Ruddick (verified owner)

    The world is looking. The world is looking for the reality of God. What I found in “Strands of Destiny” is the real deal. As I reflect on Peter Horrobin’s story, it is on several levels that I highly recommend it. It is a compelling story, an adventure of a life of faith. It is a brutally honest autobiography of a man who has continually reached for a standard higher than himself. Over the course of this man’s lifetime have been a sequence of miracles and the consistent operation of the supernatural, which can only be explained as the result of a very serious and honest-with-himself prayer-life. The story is rich in the substance and practicality which defined the First Century Church, which turned the world upside down, or more correctly expressed, turned it right-side up. “Strands of Destiny” also contains the unfolding of an amazing business model, driving the incredible growth of the practical outworking of his ministry, Ellel Ministries, and his passion to bring healing and help to others. It is a model operated in partnership with and in response to clear and distinct guidance from the Holy Spirit. All this reflects a consistent humility, fear of the Lord and wisdom incorporated in the sequence of steps defining his life and ministry and the ministry associates he has mobilized. Their thrust of bringing healing and restoration to the broken has grown to reflect facilities in 30 nations of the world. “Strands of Destiny” represents a breath of fresh air for the uncompromising rigor and talents of those the author has mobilized and trained to bring the Lord’s healing power to the afflicted and destitute. This remnant of practitioners live lives conforming to this Kingdom standard in making a difference in a world wrought with suffering. Yet, more than any of these other dimensions, this story reflects the Kingdom of God with all its original gifts and power operating in a world challenged by and wrought with corruption and falsehoods. As already noted, it reflects the “real deal” and in my view, the fullness of the way that Jesus intended for the spiritually mature to live and to serve.

  17. Tracy Bankuti (verified owner)

    I just could not read one more page without telling you how blessed I am by reading Strands of Destiny. I find myself praising the Lord with each page. Your heart comes through so fresh and so real. I have had tears streaming down my face in thankfulness to our Lord and Saviour – and I am only half way through!!!!!


As Peter Horrobin weaves the strands of the many and varied events he has experienced over the years, a fascinating tapestry of life and calling emerges.  His own personal stories are told alongside the incredible miracles he has witnessed in the birthing of a ministry that has touched thousands of lives.  God’s sovereignty can be clearly seen in this journey of faith and discovery. I encourage all who are called to serve in ministry of any kind to read this book!

Peter Tsukahira: Co-founder, Carmel Congregation, Haifa (Israel)


Having just completed a run through Peter Horrobin’s Strands of Destiny, I am sitting here at my desk weeping. The stories of God’s leading and provision are extraordinary in themselves, but what moves me so deeply is the fresh reminder of the extent of God’s redemptive grace. For many years, my own calling in pursuit of transforming revival has sensitized me to the vital importance of hope. And this book exudes hope from cover to cover. It is a stirring reminder that those who plant themselves at the feet of Jesus in humility and desperation will arise to a glorious future. Take an hour or two to curl up with this book. It will change your life!

George Otis, Jr.: President, The Sentinel Group (USA) Producer of the Transformations Video Series


Shortly after I became a Christian, I read a book entitled A Man Called Peter that described the life and ministry of Peter Marshall – a Scottish preacher who eventually became Chaplain to the U.S. Senate. This book had a profound effect upon my life as a young Christian since it so explained the faithfulness of God amidst impossible situations.  Strands of Destiny describes the life of another man called Peter, that has thrilled and inspired me to keep pressing on towards the goal that Paul the Apostle refers to in Philippians 3:13-14. This book is a remarkable combination of vision, obedience, and faith on the part of a man who responded to God’s call in a manner that has yielded an incalculable harvest for the Kingdom of God. This is the story of Peter Horrobin’s obedience to a vision that continues to expand globally, bearing extraordinary fruit in spite of obstacles and challenges and disappointments that could easily cause most people simply to give up.  Peter’s transparency, honesty, and integrity mixed with tenacity and perseverance, are a testimony to the manner in which the Kingdom of God is advanced through ordinary people who choose to believe in the God of the extraordinary, who makes possible what is impossible with men. (Luke 18:27).  I strongly recommend Strands of Destiny as a book that will thoroughly inspire and equip you for these challenging days in the 21st Century. Anyone who is serious about their life in Christ needs to read through these pages carefully and prayerfully since, as you do so, you will meet with the Lord who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us. (Ephesians 3:20)

Rev. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie: Executive Director, Partnership Ministries (Canada)


It is a privilege for me to recommend Strands of Destiny.  Peter has made himself vulnerable in sharing the amazing way that the Lord has worked through his life, so that the younger generations may understand that in all things God is working out His best for us and, as in Peter’s case, used him to bring untold numbers to a place of freedom and new life in the Lord.  One of the wonderful things of reaching the later decades of life is to be able to look back and marvel at the amazing way God works through all the situations in our lives to form us – not only in the things we would call “good”, but in ALL things, including in the most painful and difficult, or even when we think we are only “marking time” as Peter calls it.  In fact, some of these experiences prove to be “critical life-directional moments”.

I am most grateful that he has taken the time to write Strands of Destiny and highly recommend it.

Ruth Ruibal: Julio C. Ruibal Ministries (Colombia)


“Strands of Destiny” tells the wonderful and extraordinary story of the development of Ellel Ministries. Those of us in Australia who were privileged to be present on the night when Lynda was healed, as told in Chapter 20, have never been the same. Many of us involved in health care had our eyes opened to the depths of ministry God desires to do in so many of the people that we see. For this and much else we are extremely thankful to Peter Horrobin and the Ellel team and for the subsequent development of Ellel Ministries in our and many other nations. “Strands of Destiny” is a truly inspiring story of God’s faithfulness and wondrous ways, as He weaves His Kingdom purposes into being in the lives of His servants. I commend this book to all.

Ken and Roslyn Curry: Directors, Health Care in Christ (Australia)


What I so value about Peter Horrobin and Ellel Ministries is what he so deftly captures in his personal story: the pursuit of God and His miraculous work, in a way that is integral to the Scriptures. Strands of Destiny is not just Peter’s spiritual journey – and the story of the flowering of Ellel worldwide – but a roadmap for anyone who wants all that God has in the purest way possible. This book is a spiritual plumb-line, not just a memoir – and will envision all who read it that they, too, can rise to their full destiny in God and their full privileges as His children.

Steven Fry: Founder and President, the Messenger Fellowship (USA)


So many Christians find the resurrection power of Christ—-yet, like Lazarus, remain bound in the grave clothes of their past. They need someone to say: “Unbind him and let him go.”  I’m so grateful for my friend, Peter Horrobin, who felt called by God many years ago to offer freedom and deliverance to Christians. His passion led him to form a vital work that has trained thousands of believers in all aspects of the healing ministry.   As I travel around the world, I see the huge need for the work of Ellel Ministries. Peter has challenged me to learn how to set captives free: from abuse, trauma, addiction, fear and shame. His spiritual journey will not only inspire you; it will equip you to be a vessel of Christ’s healing.

J. Lee Grady: Former editor, Charisma magazine Director, The Mordecai Project (USA)


I have read many stirring accounts of people of faith proclaiming the gospel across the world. For me, this account of God’s amazing work through Ellel Ministries stands alongside the most thrilling I have read. It is contemporary. It is full of faith, lessons learnt, fierce demonic opposition, brokenness, discipleship, team building, healings, deliverance and miraculous financial provision. Beginning in 1986, God has not only restored thousands of broken lives through the ministry, but He has established healing and training centres in a rapidly increasing number of countries across the world. What God has done in 30 years is utterly astonishing. I have just loved reading this book. Praise God that in our time the wonder of Christ’s full salvation is being restored through His Church.

Bishop Graham Dow: Formerly Bishop of Carlisle (UK)

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jim Graham
Author’s Preface
Prologue: From Restoring a Broken Car to Healing Broken Lives

1 Origins, From Lancashire Lad to the Dreaming Spires
2 Running Hard – but Marking Time, From Oxford’s Dreams to a Vision of Destiny
3 Northward Bound, From Academia to the Business World
4 Business Adventures!, From Publishing New Books to Selling Old Ones
5 The Vision in Sight, Encountering the Holy Spirit
6 Mission England, A Vital Diversion
7 Heartbreak House, From Expectation to Devastation
8 Almost There!, From Heartbreak House to Ellel Grange
9 Crossing the Threshold, Starting the Work of Building the Ministry
10 My Ways are NOT Your Ways!, Surprising Lessons in the Ways of God
11 Into the Unknown!, Plumbing the Depths of Personal Need
12 Unexpected Explosion, The Battle Belongs to the Lord!
13 Expanding Horizons, Transplanting Vision in a New Location
14 Hungarian Adventures, Following God’s Footsteps into Eastern Europe
15 The Great Redeemer, Building a Future from the Ashes of the Past
16 The Oil of Money, Provision for the Work of the Kingdom
17 Ground Up Miracles, Reclaiming Ground from Enemy Control
18 Roller-Coaster!, The Ups and Downs of our Canadian Experience
19 Multiplying the Vision, Training Leaders to Reach the World
20 Australian Miracle, God’s Unique Strategy for the Work ‘Down Under’
21 Scottish Odyssey, The Zig-Zag Path of Faith’s Straight Line
22 African Dawn, Taking the Message Home
23 Beyond My Wildest Dreams, Hope and Healing for the Chinese Peoples
24 Israel, Into the Land where Jesus Walked
25 American Pilgrimage, An Old Message for the New World
26 Dutch Miracle, Many Strands – One Purpose
27 Sovereign World, Publishing the Sinner’s Friend
28 Into All the World, Healing for the Church – One Life at a Time

Epilogue: View From a Distant Hill


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