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Right Relationships

How to Create Them, How to Restore Them


by Tom Marshall

Relationships Matter! They are at the heart of all good and bad human experiences. First, our relationship with God needs to be in order. For then it is possible to apply godly principles to the establishment of right relationships with others and the restoration of relationships that have gone wrong.

This life giving book will show you how this can become real for you. It addresses:

  • the nature of relationships
  • the factors which make them work
  • dynamic and well tried solutions for those relationships that have gone wrong.

The scriptural truths in this book are eternal keys to us fulfilling our human destiny.

Right Relationships has been universally acclaimed as one of the best treatments of this subject and has become a standard textbook on relationships worldwide.

ISBN: 9781852407377
160 pages


  1. Werner (verified owner)

    My favoured book on relationships
    Timely delivery; it’s one of the very best books on relationships, very sensitive and practical and applies to all relationships, marriage, friendships at the workplace etc.

  2. Anon (verified owner)

    This is a show stopper, a eye opener.
    Awesome revelation…made me think again ! A must read for anyone who wants a real relationship. I recommend this book.

  3. Heidi (verified owner)

    Really helpful book. It was very easy to see the mistakes I was making in relationships but I found I could only handle reading a chapter at a time

  4. Anon (verified owner)

    Awesome revelation…made me think again ! A must read for anyone who wants a real relationship. I recommend this book.

  5. Ray (verified owner)


  6. david b brown (verified owner)

    Excellent book based on biblical teaching about relationships.A hard read but well worth it.I refer to it often.Also use as a reference book.

  7. Celeste (verified owner)

    It’s one of the very best books on relationships, very sensitive and practical and applies to all relationships, marriage, friendships at the workplace etc.

  8. Karen Robinson (verified owner)

    An absolutely fantastic book … I read and lost the book many years ago and am delighted to see I can still get it again. A noteworthy book for anyone who desires to be in good relationships…

  9. Lizard (verified owner)

    An outstanding book – one that I’d read many years ago and wanted to get a copy of again, so was thrilled to be able to locate a second-hand copy in good condition

  10. MISS EMMA L PERKS (verified owner)

    This book is mature, deep and Godly. Highly, highly recommended

  11. Cindy Williams Moore (verified owner)

    This is the book to own and read regarding all relationships. It’s a classic that I keep giving away to others, then again, need my own.

  12. Jerry M (verified owner)

    This really is an outstanding book. While it addresses all kinds of relationships, I think it is one of the best books available for improving the marriage relationship. Every relationship, Marshall says, has four elements: love, respect, trust, and understanding. He examines how to build strong relationships, how relationships break down, and how relationships can be restored. This book makes practical many passages from the Christian scriptures, but avoids being “preachy.” Marshall is little known in America because he lived and worked in Australia.

  13. suzanne v moody (verified owner)

    Tom Marshall sensitively deals with the many challenges of relationships, and ably shows that there is always room for improvement, as well as indicating the route to take. Well-written, insightful book that will help anyone who reads it.

  14. Nancy (verified owner)

    An amazing book, full of truth and insight. Not to be taken as a quick read as there is so much to process. A deep book.


Relationships can be both the greatest source of joy, and at the same time the greatest source of sorrow. Fortunately, in this book by Tom Marshall, we have a resource that avoids a shallow ‘‘glance over’’ approach, but one that takes the reader to a deep level which can bring about new insights and understanding. I especially appreciate a book which combines depth and practicality. This is such a book. The content discussed is essential for valued and long-lasting relationships. The style makes it easy to read, and also applicable to existing or future relationships. The chapter on trust and honor speaks to issues which seem to be either hidden or lost in many relationships. Hopefully the guidance provided by the author will go a long way in helping all of us build quality and God-honoring relationships.

-H. Norman Wright

Table of Contents


1 Relationships – the Central Category
What are they?
Our relationship with God

2 Categories for Understanding Relationships
Instrumental relationships
Consummatory relationships
Our Godward relationship
Scope or extent
Intimacy with God
The building blocks of relationships

3 Love, the Enduring One
Putting content into love
Love’s expression

4 Trust – the Cost of Commitment
Defining trust The content of trust
Trust – crisis or process?
How to build trust
Trust and leadership

5 Made for Honour
What is honour or respect?
Measures of value
The content of honour
Showing respect, giving honour

6 Understanding Understanding
The beginning and the end
Why do we want to be understood?
How do we know each other?
The role of the human spirit
Words, the vehicle of the spirit
Self-disclosure, the open door
Discernment – reading the disclosure
Imagination – entering the other’s frame of reference

7 What Damages Relationships?
Things that wound love
Things that breach trust
Things that damage respect
Barriers to understanding
What is the answer?

8 When Relationships Break Down
Mental states
Emotional states
Behaviour patterns
Intervening to help

9 The Way Back – Reconciliation
What is reconciliation?
What is reconciled?
Love’s revival
Trust’s recovery
Honour restored
Understanding reawakened

10 How Does God Reconcile?
Persons are reconciled, not problems
Only grace works
Reconciliation and relationship
Steps towards reconciliation

11 Problem Solving in Relationships
Unresolved hurts from the past
Unintentional wrongs
Rehabilitating anger
The way to forgiveness
What if there is no response?

Appendix A Restoring Broken Trust
Restoration where capacity to trust has been damaged

Appendix B The ‘One-Another’ Syndrome


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