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The Power of a New Identity

The Power of a New Identity

Moving Mountains

Lessons in Bold Faith from Great Evangelical Leaders


by Paul L. King

Many Christians find that praying in faith is not as easy as it sounds. Should they claim certain promises, or does that lead to presumption? Should they make no confession of faith at all, or does that close the door to miracles?

Moving Mountains guides readers into the teachings and personal examples of twelve giants of faith. These men and women, whose stories span the past two hundred years, prayed and witnessed miracles. Each easy-to-read chapter highlights a different personality, including such faith giants as George Muller, Charles Spurgeon and Amy Carmichael, and his or her key life message.

Paul King has achieved a rare balance in this book, avoiding hyperfaith and anti-faith extremes. Modern readers will find their own lives changed by these living lessons as they too learn to pray in faith. The book includes questions for discussion and reflection for use in small groups as well as individual study.

ISBN: 9781852403997
256 pages


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“In its fantastic search for something new, the Church today is fast cutting loose from its historic moorings and abandoning its rich spiritual resources for weak human substitutes. The message of a book like this is just what we need to get us back on course.”
Warren W. Wiersbe: Author and conference speaker

“Paul King has called a meeting of wise, devoted servants, leaving one empty chair in the circle for you. So come! Feast on wind and fire.”
Dr. Calvin Miller: Professor of divinity, Beeson Divinity School

“Contemporary believers are standing on the shoulders of the spiritual giants so well documented in this wonderful book. Their messages will challenge and reshape your life.”
Dr. Neil T. Anderson: Founder and president emeritus, Freedom in Christ Ministries

“A notable collection of biographies. This is so much more than history. There beacons of faith will help you go deeper with God.”
J. Lee Grady: Editor, Charisma

“Moving Mountains is a ‘hall of hope’- great hope in Jesus Christ to transform life’s greatest challenges with Kingdom power. These are stories that must be shared!”
David Bryant: President, Proclaim Hope!

“This generation needs to be connected to our heritage of faith. Paul King offers this link, in bite-size morsels that will whet your appetite for more. I encourage you to savor each story in this book.”
Dr. Tim Elmore: President of Growing Leaders; vice president of EQUIP

“Christians on a spiritual journey need a road map. Dr. King’s Moving Mountains is just such a road map. It is filled with advice from the scouts who have made this pilgrimage before, and their experiences not only describe the landscape of faith but also warn us of possible pitfalls and dangers on our way. Safe Journey!
Dr. George Kurian: President of Encyclopedia Society; editor of The World Christian Encyclopedia

“Paul King retells the sorties of twelve people well-known for their emphases on the spiritual life, more than half of them true heroes of the faith. A powerful retelling, but with a special focus on the daith life of each. Plenty of inspiration here to trust God for the impossible in life and ministry.”
Dr. J. Robertson McQuilkin: Chancellor and president emeritus, Columbia International University

Table of Contents


1 George Müller (1805-1898): Apostle of Faith
Faith Principle: “You Can Depend Totally on God!”

2 J. Hudson Taylor (1832-1905): Pioneer of Faith
Faith Principle: “Faith Is a Supernatural Adventure”

3 Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892): Prince of Faith Preaches
Faith Principle: “You Can Grow Great Faith That Overcomes Life’s Challenges”

4 Phoebe Palmer (1807-1874): Trailblazing Woman of Faith
Faith Principle: “Faith Comes by Full Surrender and Trust”

5 Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911): Advocate of Higher Life Faith
Faith Principle: “Faith Is the Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life”

6 E. M. Bounds (1835-1913): God’s Prayer Warrior
Faith Principle: “Unleash Faith-Filled Prayer, Your Most Powerful Force”

7 Andrew Murray (1828-1917): Minister of New Covenant Life
Faith Principle: “You Can Claim Your Inheritance Promised in the Covenant”

8 A. B. Simpson (1843-1919): Leader of Visionary Faith
Faith Principle: “Holy Christ-Centered Faith Leads to Wholeness of Life”

9 Oswald Chambers (1874-1917): His Utmost for God’s Highest
Faith Principle: “Faith Exercises Uncommon Sense”

10 Amy Carmichael (1867-1951): Model of Selfless Faith
Faith Principle: “You Can Hear from God”

11 John A. MacMillan (1873-1956): A Believer with Authority
Faith Principle: “You Can Exercise Spiritual Authority as a Believer”

12 A. W. Tozer (1897-1963): Twentieth-Century Prophet and Mystic
Faith Principle: “Faith Pursues after God Himself”


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