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Islam, Israel and the Church


by Marcel Rebiai

Rarely out of the spotlight of international news, the crises in the Near East often arouse violent emotions. How can opposing claims by Muslims, Jews and Christians to ‘the land’ be reconciled?

The author brilliantly explores the historical and theological background to this conflict.  Making clear God’s love for Palestinians, Arabs, Jews and Christians, the author ministers to each group though the Community of Reconciliation, based in Jerusalem.

With compassion, commitment to peace and deep spiritual insight, the author provides keys to understanding God’s election in a format that is easy to read and understand. It brilliantly explores the historical and theological background to this conflict.

ISBN: 9781852407308
160 pages


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Table of Contents

1 Focus on Islam
2 Islam and Its Relationship to Israel and the Christian Community
3 Israel Today: the Near East Conflict from a Contemporary, Historical and Spiritual Standpoint
4 God’s View of the Whole Near East
5 Israel – a Light to the Peoples
6 The Messiah and the Land
7 Is it ‘‘Harvest Time’’ in Israel?
8 Overcoming Evil
9 The Book of Ruth: The Church’s Responsibility to the Jewish People
10 At the Crossroads
Appendix Do the Jews Need Jesus?


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