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Rescue from Rejection

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To preview this book, click the icon below. A devotional “must-read” for all who are serious about their spiritual lives. Dr Lance Wonders, Dean of Acts Bible College, Minnesota, USA In God’s Image has the capacity to draw the true disciple to the Master … it grasps both the beauty and the cost of being a true and faithful disciple of Jesus the Messiah. Evan Thomas, Israel   Marcel Rebiai speaks from his heart in an outspoken, profound, passionate and yet reflected way. Martin Buehlmann, Director of Vineyard Ministries DACH in Europe   Relationships take time to build. They do not happen through reading about the kind of relationships we ought to have as believers. They are the result of applying the gospel, God’s Word, to every area of our lives. Marcel Rebiai helps the reader to do just that. Colin Urquhart, Kingdom Faith Ministries, Horsham, UK

In God’s Image

130 Daily Teaching for a Journey of Radical and Authentic Change


by Marcel Rebiai

130 daily readings for a journey of radical and authentic change. Marcel Rebiai unveils with great eloquence our deepest human needs and puts our universal problems into godly perspective. The author reveals God’s character in profoundly tangible ways and we cannot help but be humbled.

This book isn’t written from an aloof position, but provides a deeply meaningful place from which to understand our daily issues. It is a series of teachings divided into study days but can be just as easily read through. Can be used as a devotional as 15 parts over 130 days encourage daily reading and reflection. A modern classic in the style of Watchman Nee and Tozer.

ISBN: 9781852405359
320 pages


  1. Patti

    The words of this book felt like God caressing me with His Love! Powerful, transforming, inspiring and encouraging for this journey! I need to share this work with others! How can we get hard copies!

  2. L.Groom

    These daily readings bring refreshment for a thirsty soul.They bring new understanding and revelation never failing to inspire and encourage,sharing in the the thoughts and personal journey of the author.Highly recommended.

  3. linda davies

    I found the book deeply uplifting and connected me with the heart of Father God. Will use it again in a year or so time.

  4. Ginna C.

    I have never written a review like this before, but I am making the effort because this author deserves the highest praise. I tracked down this book after hearing the author speak in Israel 2 years ago. Every page is packed with scriptural wisdom and insight that comes from a heart that is obviously in tune with God’s heart of reconciliation. I am taking my time to go through it, and have already been blessed many times over with encouragement, inspiration, and peace.

  5. Sparklingcolour

    This book is just amazing. The thing that excites me is that it’s about identity – it’s an issue I have struggled with for a long time – who am I? It answers that question and it’s so simple to read. He has written it in devotionals, so there is one page for each day. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes to read each day’s devotional, which is a great way to do it. He’s a very good writer and he brings such truths out in a really easy way, coming from a Jewish perspective. A good gift – I’ve just got one for my mother.


Table of Contents

Foreword by Colin Urquhart
Foreword by Elija Rebiai

Section 1: In God’s Image
Day 1 Who am I?
Day 2 Getting the picture
Day 3 What is our picture of God?
Day 4 Jesus, the image of God
Day 5 God has drawn near
Day 6 Being transformed into His image
Day 7 Our true calling
Day 8 There is hope for each one

Section 2: Your King Comes to You
Day 9 Jesus comes in an unexpected way
Day 10 The right of the strong
Day 11 Success and poverty
Day 12 What was there about Joseph and Mary that God entrusted His Son to them?
Day 13 God loves the simple in heart
Day 14 The source of sin
Day 15 Humility is God’s remedy
Day 16 God dwells with simple people
Day 17 Discipleship is not show business

Section 3: Resurrection – Heaven Laughs
Day 18 Why is the resurrection necessary?
Day 19 God endorses Jesus’ death
Day 20 The meaning of the cross
Day 21 There is none who is righteous
Day 22 No one comes to the Father but through Me
Day 23 Resurrection is a new creation
Day 24 No more fear
Day 25 A new reality
Day 26 The resurrection lets us overcome
Day 27 The feast of laughter
Day 28 If God is for us, who can be against us?

Section 4: The Desert
Day 29 Why do we follow Jesus?
Day 30 Selfish motives
Day 31 Setting out for the desert
Day 32 Separating the chaff from the wheat
Day 33 Encounter with my true self
Day 34 The test
Day 35 The devil’s whispering
Day 36 What may it cost?
Day 37 Learning to fight
Day 38 The word of testimony
Day 39 Not loving life so much as to shrink from death
Day 40 Self-pity or fullness of life

Section 5: Do You Love Me?
Day 41 God is not a schoolmaster
Day 42 Serving God does not necessarily mean loving God
Day 43 God wants our attention
Day 44 The right look
Day 45 David’s secret 115
Day 46 Throwing ourselves on God
Day 47 Fruit of repentance 119
Day 48 God protects our heart
Day 49 Daily practice

Section 6: Through Storms to the Goal
Day 50 Going to the other shore
Day 51 Letting go of the rudder
Day 52 We cannot insure everything
Day 53 Being shaken
Day 54 In the presence of our enemies
Day 55 Where is your faith?
Day 56 Trusting like a child 136

Section 7: Hope – Anchor of the Soul
Day 57 Will there still be hope in heaven?
Day 58 Waiting for what?
Day 59 Dead hope and living hope
Day 60 Being a living hope
Day 61 Hope must be professed and firmly grasped
Day 62 Hope is nourished by God’s Word
Day 63 Hope is an anchor for our souls
Day 64 Hope as the basis of faith
Day 65 I know whom I believe in
Day 66 Called to hope

Section 8: The Waiting Father
Day 67 The waiting father
Day 68 The father’s humiliation
Day 69 The vulnerable God
Day 70 God forces no one
Day 71 He loved them to the end
Day 72 The evil eye
Day 73 For they do not know what they do
Day 74 Repentance through God’s goodness
Day 75 Entrusting ourselves to God
Day 76 Returning home

Section 9: Jesus’ Return
Day 77 Longing for home
Day 78 The greatest event the world has ever seen
Day 79 God fulfills His word
Day 80 The Messiah’s two sides
Day 81 The Messiah is merciful
Day 82 Who can stand when He appears?
Day 83 Who can bear His presence?
Day 84 The fire of cleansing
Day 85 Only our motives count
Day 86 Passionately expecting Jesus

Section 10: My Brothers’ Keeper
Day 87 Where is your brother?
Day 88 The genuineness of our love for Jesus
Day 89 Daily cleansing
Day 90 Know who we are
Day 91 One heart and one mind
Day 92 Streams of living water

Section 11: Forgiveness
Day 93 Only he who forgives will be forgiven
Day 94 Forgiveness liberates us for life
Day 95 What forgiveness is and what it can do
Day 96 A second story about what forgiveness can bring

Section 12: Kingdom Lifestyle
Day 97 Our commission: making God’s kingdom visible
Day 98 Creation’s goal
Day 99 In God’s light we have fellowship
Day 100 Reconciliation makes relationships possible
Day 101 Whoever loves God, loves his brother as well
Day 102 Jesus’ legacy: a new commandment…
Day 103 In this world, but not of this world
Day 104 Respecting and admonishing our brother
Day 105 Community life creates living space
Day 106 Covering the other’s nakedness
Day 107 Whoever loses his life will find it…
Day 108 Community life sets us free to serve
Day 109 Powerful testimony

Section 13: Light in the Darkness
Day 110 What is darkness?
Day 111 Jesus, the light of the world
Day 112 I am a light!?
Day 113 False modesty
Day 114 Upsetting the darkness
Day 115 Confessing Jesus to the Jewish people
Day 116 The world hungers for light
Day 117 The cost of living in the light
Day 118 Lord, what do You want me to do?

Section 14: You Are My Witnesses
Day 119 Everyone needs Jesus
Day 120 You are the light of the world
Day 121 Do we testify to hope?
Day 122 There is hope only in Jesus
Day 123 The kernel of wheat must die
Day 124 Whom shall I send?

Section 15: Sowing with Tears, Reaping with Joy
Day 125 Tears are unavoidable
Day 126 …Like men who dreamed
Day 127 God lets us reach our limits
Day 128 Abraham, a model
Day 129 Sowing trust and hope
Day 130 Laughter which fills our whole being

In the Fiery Oven of Leukemia – a Testimony by Regula Rebiai
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