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Guidance From God’s Word

A 40-Day Devotional Journey


by Peter Horrobin

God has prepared a way ahead for each one of our lives. Yet one of the prevailing cries of the human heart is for God’s guidance along the path of life. Psalm 119 begins by saying “Blessed are they whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord.” In this very practical devotional volume Peter Horrobin sets out, in forty faith-building steps, the foundational principles of how God uses His Word to guide and direct us and show us how to know His will for our lives.

Daily devotionals are a great way of absorbing a lot of precious truth one day at a time. This series of pocket-sized 40-day devotional volumes by Peter Horrobin encapsulate gems from Peter’s extensive teaching ministry. Perfect gift books for your friends as well as for yourself!

ISBN: 9781852408466
144 pages


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Table of Contents

1 The Plans of God
2 Show Me Your Ways, O Lord
3 Hearing the Voice of the Lord
4 Light in the Darkness
5 The Purposes of God for YOU!
6 The Beginning of Wisdom
7 Obeying God
8 Are You Lost?
9 The Sacrifice of Fools
10 The Walk of Faith
11 Are You Ready?
12 The Five Keys of Successful Living
13 Test, Hold On and Avoid
14 I was About to Fall, but God …
15 God’s Unchangeable Laws
16 Known by God
17 See If …
18 Action Words
19 What Do These Stones Mean?
20 ‘Should Have Gone to Specsavers!’
21 God Has Unshakeable Plans
22 The Three Keys of Fruitfulness
23 God’s Strategy for His Victories in My Life
24 God’s Blessing in Tough Times
25 The Highway Code for God-Blessed Living
26 Keep on Track
27 A Matter of Choice
28 Partial Obedience is Disobedience!
29 Is it Time to Get Moving?
30 Living Water and Crack-Free Cisterns
31 When Waiting is Safer than Acting
32 Honest and Dishonest Dealing
33 God’s Confirming Word
34 Whose Plans are You Following?
35 Chosen to Wait
36 Are You a Finisher?
37 All the Days of My Life!
38 Unfailing Love – our Guide for Ever
39 God’s Perspective
40 God Has a Plan!

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