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Encouragement From the Psalms

A 40-Day Devotional Journey


by Peter Horrobin

There are times in all our lives when we need encouragement. Encouragement enables us to look up instead of down and gives us the determination to keep going whatever our circumstances. God is a great encourager. David discovered this throughout his years of seeking to walk in God’s ways. These devotionals, which are built around key verses in the Psalms, reflect on how God encouraged David and provide daily encouragement for Christian believers today.

Daily devotionals are a great way of absorbing a lot of precious truth one day at a time. This series of pocket-sized 40-day devotional volumes by Peter Horrobin encapsulate gems from Peter’s extensive teaching ministry. Perfect gift books for your friends as well as for yourself!

ISBN: 9781852408015
144 pages


  1. Sir Meca (verified owner)

    Enjoying the book, will pass it along. It’s a nice daily devotional.


Table of Contents


1 The Lord is MY Shepherd
2 He’s Watching Over You
3 The Sleep of Peace
4 Star-Gazing
5 You Will Not be Disappointed
6 More Precious than Gold
7 Show Me Your Ways, Lord
8 Hearing the Voice of the Lord
9 When Waiting is Safer than Acting
10 The Mercy of God
11 Discover the Truth – by Learning to Trust
12 Broken but Loved
13 The Father’s Delight
14 He Lifted ME
15 Facing Tough Times
16 I Will Fear NO Evil
17 Be Still – in the Midst of Uproar
18 The Train Arriving at Platform
19 Trust – the Antidote to Fear
20 Sharing Good News
21 When God Goes Deaf!
22 Looking Back with a Thankful Heart
23 The Journey Back
24 God’s Blessing in Tough Times
25 The Work of YOUR Hands Matters!
26 Tough Love
27 Keeping Records for Future Generations
28 Beyond Comprehension
29 Give Thanks – and Speak it Out!
30 My Life in His Hands
31 Eye-opening Truths!
32 Obeying God
33 Be Wiser than Your Enemies!
34 Let Me Live!
35 Returning with Joy!
36 Sowing Through the Tears
37 Inner Blessings
38 God Our Rescuer
39 Search and Rescue Mission
40 All the Days of My Life

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