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Comfort From God’s Heart

A 40-Day Devotional Journey


by Peter Horrobin

Paul referred to God as ‘the God of ALL comfort’. Whatever our situation or circumstances, God wants to be our ultimate source of comfort. And Jesus also said, “Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted”. But it’s not just at times of mourning that we need comfort. Life can deliver some hard blows. Unless we learn to turn to God for the comfort we need, we may be tempted to find our comfort in all the wrong places. This devotional volume draws on many different parts of the Bible to deliver a message of comfort from the heart of God.

Daily devotionals are a great way of absorbing a lot of precious truth one day at a time. This series of pocket-sized 40-day devotional volumes by Peter Horrobin encapsulate gems from Peter’s extensive teaching ministry. Perfect gift books for your friends as well as for yourself!

ISBN: 9781852408169
144 pages


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Table of Contents


1 God of ALL Comfort (1)
2 God of ALL Comfort (2)
3 God of ALL Comfort (3)
4 The Comfort of the Cross
5 Walking with Jesus
6 The Comfort of God’s Word
7 Comfort at the End of Life
8 The Comfort of Trust
9 Nothing Can Separate Us from God’s Love
10 The Comfort of God’s Amazing Gift
11 Total Security
12 I Will Fear No Evil
13 In His Time
14 Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
15 Finding Peace with God
16 The Comfort of Peace
17 How Long is Forever?
18 O God Our Help in Ages Past
19 Facing Tough Times
20 Simply Profound
21 The Comfort of Answered Prayer
22 Columba’s Dying Gift
23 A Threefold Promise
24 His Light Will Never Go Out!
25 An Ever-Present Help
26 Loved with an Everlasting Love
27 God’s Comforting Instruction
28 Living Through Loss
29 Beautiful Feet
30 Gaining Strength Through Waiting
31 Comfort in the Darkness
32 Our Future Home
33 Tears of Joy
34 Comfort When Facing the Unknown
35 The Comfort of Being Loved
36 God’s Word Makes Us Whole
37 The Comfort of Eternity
38 What a View!
39 Our Blessed Hope
40 The Ultimate Comfort

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