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Binding and Loosing, Principalities and Powers


by Tom Marshall

This is a book with powerful consequence for any church that is seeking to find victory in its spiritual battles. The book covers three areas of important teaching on spiritual warfare:

  • Principalities and Powers
  • Binding and Loosing
  • Defensive Spiritual Warfare

The Author provides useful pointers to knowing our enemy and recognizing when we are under spiritual attack. He also explains some of the things we may be up against and how we can deal with them by occupying the ‘high ground’ and building an effective defence system, highlighting what our position is in Jesus.

ISBN: 9781852404390
192 pages


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Table of Contents

SECTION 1: Principalities and Powers Introduction
1 An Overview of the Battlefield
2 The City and the Structural Powers
3 The Enemy in the Heaven lies
4 Christ and the Powers
5 Redemption Restores Creation
6 Living with Principalities and Powers
7 Redeeming the Structural Powers
8 Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare

SECTION 2: Binding and Loosing Introduction
9 Understanding the Terms
10 The Scope of Binding and Loosing
11 First Bind the Strong Man
12 How to Bind the Strong Man
13 The Word of God and the Authority of the Believer
14 The Power of the Holy Spirit

SECTION 3: Defensive Spiritual Warfare Introduction
15 Recognizing a Spiritual Attack
16 Why Christians Come Under Spiritual Attack
17 Sources and Nature of Demonic Attack
18 Principles of Defensive Warfare
19 Understanding the Armor of God
20 Examine Your Resources
21 Learn to Handle Spiritual Pressure
22 In Conclusion


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