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Pills for the Soul?

Pills for the Soul?

Subtitle: How Medication Falls Short of Christ’s Healing of the Emotions Are pills and medication really God’s best for dealing with our emotional state?
Should we simply accept the world’s wisdom that our emotions are controlled by chemicals in our brain and body – that pills are the best way for treatment? Do anti-depressants reach the root of emotional crisis? This well balanced book intelligently tackles these complex questions. It challenges the widely accepted practices of modern psychiatry in dealing with issues such as depression, mood swings and bi-polar disorders – conditions that are alarmingly on the increase in our modern day, stress filled society. In an age where reliance on medication has reached epic proportions, Pills for the Soul? demonstrates with powerful personal testimonies, scientific reasoning and theological argument that there is another way. The author effectively debunks much of the so called science that seeks to explain away our emotions and soul and instead points us back to the biblical understanding of our spirit, soul and body. This is a compelling book that does not condemn those who use psychiatric medicine, but sensitively guides those in deep need to the abundant way to freedom in emotional healing, which is through Jesus Christ.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Catriona paton
    This author has researched his subject well and the amazing testimonies add clout to his findings that drugs cannot heal the soul. Only Jesus Christ by the power of his Holy Spirit can plumb the depths of our being, sending forth his truth and his light, to bring true peace that surpasses understanding, which ultimately brings him glory. Although it was necessary to list statistics and theories, it made boring reading in some parts and a bit intellectual at times, however for the most part I enjoyed the book, and gained some useful insight which will be invaluable when ministering to the mentally ill.
  • Author: Joy Miller
    This was an interesting read but I felt it fell short answering all the questions I had about Mental problems and the solutions. This is just part of the equation.
  • Author: Jennifer Bender
    A must read for the many suffering with mental illnesses.

    This book is a must for any Christian struggling with emotional problems and Mental Illness. I struggled for years with what many Psychiatrists had diagnosed with Bipolar Mood Disorder, and with an addiction to cutting. Most people had given up on me and had no idea how to help me. Pills for the Soul helps its reader to understand how to access Jesus as the answer to mental illness, no matter how severe. It takes restoring the emotions out of psychiatric hospitals and gives it its rightful place back in a Christ-centered, prayer-filled environment. I was very afraid at first to be disappointed, but I am glad that I persevered and I have been medication free for five years now and I praise God for bringing me to this place.

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