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Marcel Rebiai


To See God
Marcel Rebiai writes with clear biblical understanding and a wealth of exerience born of living in a crucible of human conflict and interacting pastorally with people of many kinds. To See God is not a comfortable read. Rebiai’s urgency for all Christians to face Jesus’ call to discipleship, cross-bearing, community and mission is at times provocative but his delivery is warm, as a spiritual father. Highly recommended to any believer who aches over the state of our world and is ready to pay the price to be part of God’s solution.
Price: £17.99 (approx €21.01)
In God's Image

With great eloquence, Marcel unveils our deepest human needs and puts our earthly problems into God’s perspective. This book provides a deeply meaningful place from which to understand our daily issues. A series of teachings divided into study days, it can easily be read as a devotional.

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Islam, Israel and the Church
Rarely out of the spotlight of international news, the crises in the Near East often arouse violent emotions. How can opposing claims by Muslims, Jews and Christians to ‘the land’ be reconciled?
Marcel provides keys to understanding God’s election, with compassion, deep spiritual insight and commitment to peace.

Price: £7.99 (approx €9.33)