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Lance Lambert


Explaining Spiritual Protection

As Christians, we can uncover ourselves from God’s protection without realising what we are doing. The author provides Biblical examples of how the enemy has tried to take mankind out from under God’s covering and elaborates on the multi-faceted dimensions of Christ, explaining how each of us can restore our spiritual protection through Him.

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Price: £4.99 (approx €5.83)
Jacob I have loved
Jacob I have Loved is an outstanding illustration of God’s desire to utterly transform our fallen inner nature.

"I am convinced that Lance Lambert’s discernment (and humor) in this account of God’s dealings with Jacob are worth a thousand sermons. Of all his books and Bible teachings, I regard this as the apex, the spearhead, the most important of all else that Lance has shared in his worldwide teaching ministry."
From the foreword by Ken Burnett

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The Eternal Purpose of God
If you have questions for God, beginning with ‘Why?’, ‘What?’ and ‘How?’ then this passionate book will point you to a fresh understanding of what it means to be a Christian! Covering a dimension of the Bible where most believers will surely find a new revelation, it helps answer the ultimate question: ‘What is the meaning of life?’
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