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Truth & Freedom 03 of 55: Freedom From The Cults & False Religions - Audio CD

Truth & Freedom 03 of 55: Freedom From The Cults & False Religions - Audio CD

Speaker: Otto Bixler
57 mins

Cults and false religions bring bondage that is hard to get free from.

This CD will be helpful to all those seeking to understand how to bring freedom from the consequences of generational or personal involvement in cults or false religions.

Drawing on examples from Christian Science, Communism, Hinduism and Freemasonry Otto looks at some of the common characteristics of cults and false religions.

Teaching explores some of the reasons why people get involved in the first place and explains how the beliefs and practices of cults and false religions lead to spiritual bondage.

Otto concludes by explaining how to be set free and stay free.

(Recorded at 'Equipped for a Purpose' Conference Nov 1997.)

The vision for Ellel Ministries was to be a place where people can receive ministry and be trained to help others. However, organisations such as Ellel Ministries can’t possibly meet all the needs. The demand for personal ministry is overwhelming.

Many churches want to help but they don’t know how. Others don’t have enough people in their congregations who are properly equipped. For this reason the conference 'Equipped for a Purpose' was held. It was planned to help the Church with the task of equipping its people to fulfil the Great Commission to preach the good news of the Kingdom and heal the sick.

Why is healing so important to the Body of Christ? In reality we all need healing from the consequences of living in a fallen world, but we are not just referring to healing from the obvious symptoms of sickness and disease –important though that is.

Paul prayed that we might be whole in spirit, soul and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23) and the process of walking towards healing brings reality and encourages us to grow in maturity as strong disciples of Jesus.

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