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The Dangers of Alternative Ways of Healing

The Dangers of Alternative Ways of Healing

Many forms of alternative therapies are available today and this book provides extensive coverage of what they are with clear guidelines on how spiritually safe or unsafe they might be. The authors point to the early history and principles of alternative healing methods that enlighten the reader to the spiritual origins of new age healing practices.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: free to be me
    This book clearly spells out the dangers associated with 'alternative medicine' without being overbearing or 'super spiritual' in any way. An important book to read for believers as the issues addressed are currently all around us. It will help you understand how to stay safe in today's world without becoming fearful of anything.
    The clear style helped me absorb the material and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to every Christian in today's world!
  • Author: Anne
    This book is so good. It gives warnings on the dangers of New Age deceptions and holistic therapies. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to arm themselves with knowledge. It clearly spells out the dangers without being over bearing. There is a section on prayers you can make to be released and set free from their influence. Highly recommended.
  • Author: Sparklingcolour
    The main gist of this book is to ask if there may be unseen side effects with some alternative remedies. While we are avoiding chemical intrusion into the body, could we be allowing spiritual intrusion instead, which stores up spiritual bondage for us in the future? They argue that this is indeed the case and give many stories that will certainly open your eyes to new possibilities if you are a Christian! The book is well researched and balanced, with comparison between the Bible and the fundamentals of many specific complementary therapies/remedies.
    They believe that a Christian takes themself outside of God's protection when they do things like this and their bottom line is that the practice of some of these therapies can give a foothold for non-Christian spiritual powers to influence the person's life in an unhelpful way. It also has a chapter that goes step by step through what you can do about it (for yourself or someone else), with some example prayers.
    Sections include: Is there a life force? Where does the power to heal come from? Who is the founder (this is answered for a number of therapies, and often the founder was heavily into the occult). What if the practitioner is Christian? The difference between a therapist and a medium. Healing the body or the spirit.
    I like the style which is quiet and respectful, yet pulls quite a punch. There is a useful checklist of questions to ask about a therapy, remedy or exercise regime, to see whether it may have adverse spiritual side effects.
    A very valuable book.

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