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This compelling true story of the redemptive grace and mercy of God will surely pull you in right from the start! Darrell first met God in his prison cell and whilst in the prison he began to be used by the Lord instantly, helping others transform their broken lives through his example.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Lynda Alsford
    Such an inspiring read. I read the whole book in one day. I couldn't put it down. God really turned Darrell's life around in a dramatic way and reading his story has given me hope, inspiration and determination in my walk with God despite being a Christian for 34 years already!
    Highly recommended reading if you want to be encouraged!
  • Author: StarPlayer
    I enjoyed his testimony. God can surely use ANYBODY! A great read.
  • Author: Charlotte S
    I heard this guy speak at the HTB leadership conference and was blown away by his testimony. From such self-destruction to an amazing transformation, this book is inspiring to anybody reading it at any level of faith or non-faith
  • Author: Mr William Sproson
    Brill writer. Spoken words so easy to read. The writer was there and gives his life answers from the heart.
  • Author: Mrs. K. S. Cascarini
    Incredible, inspiring and encouraging book! Highly recommend - our young people love it too!
  • Author: goldie
    An amazing testimony of how God can turn lives around even in the most difficult circumstances . Would certainly recommend this book A great read
  • Author: Paul from Bedfordshire
    This is nothing short of incredible. The man's life was going down the toilet, he had anger and hatred flowing through his veins. As hardened criminal as you will meet. Yet something amazing, some may say supernatural happened to him overnight in that cell, as hard as some may find that to comprehend. Please read this with an open mind, be open to the power of the unseen. Trust me you will be inspired. Nice one Darren.
  • Author: D123
    I heard Darrell speak at my church and after hearing some of his song had to get the book for my hubby for Christmas and said to me I am only 4 pages into it and I can't believe what's happening it just makes me what to read more.
  • Author: john lower
    great book
    a fantastic story of how a life can be turned around from evil to good
    if it can happen to darryl it can happen to anyone
  • Author: mrs thelma wade
    Bought this book after hearing Darrell speak at the launch of an Alpha course in Rugby and could not put it down. Its an eye opening story of what is going on in Britain today, the good and the bad. Of how easy it is for lives to spin out of control, but no matter how bad and how lost someone appears, God's transforming love can cut through where every other method of reaching the person seems useless.
    So when you wander around the streets of your home town look at the young people, not as they appear, but as potential 'Darrell's' who can go on to make a real difference, with God's help and guidance.
    Also read it and enjoy how God has chosen, on the face of it, such a strange choice of person to bring His word and practical help to the people in one corner of Runcorn. This book will inspire and re-invigorate your desire to carry the Message to whoever you meet and wherever you are.
  • Author: Florence
    Bought as a gift for someone in difficult times. A book that gives hope to those who think they have taken a dangerous road too far away from the straight and narrow. No-one is unreachable by their Creator !
  • Author: Louise Dobson
    I liked that Darrell was won over by the elderly nuns as he tried to
    answer back rudely. It is a true transformation he undergoes, from a
    hardened criminal in gaol, to a Minister helping youth.
    I think all boys who have been in trouble with their school or other
    authorities e.g. the police, would gain greatly by reading this
    short book.
  • Author: A
    Challenging, interesting, inspiring and difficult to read in parts. Would recommend this book
    to family, friends and social workers who maybe able to pass it on, as appropriate.
  • Author: Debbie
    Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. It is so easy to read and I finished it in one night. Knowing that it is a true story made it all the more interesting and gripping. It is written so honestly warts and all. I have met Darrell Tunningly within the last 6 months and he is so down to earth and sincere with a great sense of humour.
  • Author: Sheila
    This is one of the most incredible Christian testimonies I've ever read of how a young man's life is turned around by meeting God in prison through an Alpha course. It's only a short story and very easy reading.
    This is a great, true account of how one man was saved from a life of hell by Jesus. It is a fascinating, funny and awe inspiring story and one you cannot afford to miss.
  • Author: Customer
    Unreachable is possibly one of the most inspiring testimonies of how God can change ANYONE and bring anyone to Him, no matter their past or present life circumstances.

    I would recommend everyone to read this book (christian AND non-christian), Darrell's honesty about his life and feelings are a wonderful change from many books sold today, and his story is astounding, wonderful and engagingly written! (i finished it in 2 hours i was that enthralled!)

    I was originally given this book by my pastor (i think it may have been one of the early releases) when one of my best friends (a non christian) was sent to prison for 2 years... I had started to feel extremely upset with God's (in my eyes) seeming slowness. This book truly turned all of that around!

    It showed me that even the smallest of people, talking honestly about the gospel and Jesus, with God's help, can make an astounding difference in people's lives and give them a gift they can treasure for eternety, a real and life altering relationship with God!

    This book was an awesome eye opener and exciting to see how God can make himself known to seemingly the most 'unreachable' of people. I have given it to friends and family both christian and non christian and everyone has said how amazing this story is.
  • Author: Mr. M. S. Blewitt
    This book will change your life so be warned! Thank you for writing it. If you are sceptical - read it! It is for all not just people whose lives are messed up with crime and drugs, everyone will benefit.

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