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No More Spectators

No More Spectators

Delivers a fresh statement on an ancient theme: how we can reproduce the life and mission of Jesus in others. This book states that while the teaching of Jesus convey a message of truth for the whole world, equally important are the relationships Jesus had with his followers. They model a method of ministry as vital as the message He taught.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Dr. K. E. Patrick
    So inspiring and challenging

    I have read numerous books about house churches and small group ministry, but have never read such a fantastic book about the basic building block of active, every-member ministry communities.

    Nysewander does an excellent job at putting his finger on the dissatisfying state of today's Western churches -- too many people watching the professionals "do" church while the rest throw money and good wishes toward the activities. Instead, we are all called to get off our back-sides and LIVE not only in daily ministry and communion with others, but build up and grow others to follow behind us, too.

    The eight life-changing values of the sub-title include aiming for a few, doing Jesus's work together, and guiding people to multiply.

    Although I would have liked some nuts-and-bolts guidance on exactly HOW (though his point in the chapter about going for the kingdom would say that I simply need to follow Jesus, who "showed us the lifestyle of a disciple-maker"), I thought this gave me a well-deserved kick up the backside to do something entirely different from what I see all around me in the dead, cold buildings that are otherwise known as churches.
  • Author: Henry
    Truly paints the picture of change that must happen in the western church. A really easy to read book that has a simple but profound message.
  • Author: Earl Wade
    The book was in excellent condition and satisfied my expectations. I recommend this book to anyone who desire to have a simple but clear understanding of what it means to be disciple makers. A clear understanding of the Great Commission will motivate every believer to work while it is still daylight.
  • Author: Lynda Williams
    what a book.... a must read to all those that just sit on Sunday in the pews and do nothing.

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