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Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains

Many Christians find that praying in faith is not as easy as it sounds. This book guides readers into the teachings and personal examples of twelve giants of faith. These men and women, whose stories span the past two hundred years, prayed and witnessed miracles. Readers will find their own lives changed by these living lessons as they too learn to pray in faith.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Gracie
    BEST BOOK I've ever read about faith

    I don't exaggerate when I state that this probably the best book I've ever read (with the exception of the Bible) It is without a doubt the most balanced, inspiring work not only about faith, but also a catalogue of the lives of men and women alike, who have had incredible ministries and lived selfless lives for the Lord, that saw miracles and revivals galore. Not just a book to read, it has study notes at the end of every chapter that challenge the reader to think on what they've just read and how to apply it to their lives.
  • Author: K. HOOK
    Highly recommended
    This is an inspirational read. The key learning points from each giant of faith is very helpful - and could be a useful basis for a sermon series. The style is easy to read. Recommended
  • Author: Ken C. Bower
    Great book on prayer and how Christian leaders in the past relied on prayer to guide their lives. Also a great biography of Christian Leader from the past and the source of their strength.
  • Author: ych
    This is a fabulous book for someone who needs a spiritual uplift of FAITH to help them reduce their mountains to molehills.

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