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Day by Day with the Persecuted Church
This is a unique devotional book. Writers all over the world have contributed to it, often at great risk. They encourage us as we share in the joy and delight of people who have experienced what persecution is and how God is very present when the going gets tough.
Price: £11.99 (approx €14.00)
Encouragement From the Psalms

Encouragement enables us to look up instead of down and gives us the determination to keep going whatever our circumstances. These devotionals, built around key verses in the Psalms, reflect on how God encouraged David and provide daily encouragement for Christian believers today.

Price: £9.99 (approx €11.67)
Journey to Freedom Book 3 - Our Faithful God

Even though man sinned, our faithful God never stopped loving his children. This book explains God’s response to man’s sin and sets out from Scripture God’s plans through the Hebrew people to send a Messiah who would be the Saviour of the World. Brings understanding to what Jesus accomplished on the cross and what that means practically for Christians today.

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Price: £15.99 (approx €18.68)
To See God
Marcel Rebiai writes with clear biblical understanding and a wealth of exerience born of living in a crucible of human conflict and interacting pastorally with people of many kinds. To See God is not a comfortable read. Rebiai’s urgency for all Christians to face Jesus’ call to discipleship, cross-bearing, community and mission is at times provocative but his delivery is warm, as a spiritual father. Highly recommended to any believer who aches over the state of our world and is ready to pay the price to be part of God’s solution.
Price: £17.99 (approx €21.01)
Wisdom From the Proverbs

Spurgeon referred to the Proverbs as a salt-cellar, from which the Holy Spirit sprinkles the wisdom of God on the life of believers. This devotional volume provides a rich source of wisdom to feed the soul and encourage the spirit.

Price: £9.99 (approx €11.67)
Seeds of the Kingdom
This unique collection of daily devotions has been edited from the online daily devotional, that has attracted thousands of followers. Why not start or end your day with an encouraging ‘seed’ to help you in your spiritual growth, from dedicated and experienced members of the international Ellel Ministries team.

Price: £12.99 (approx €15.17)
In God's Image

With great eloquence, Marcel unveils our deepest human needs and puts our earthly problems into God’s perspective. This book provides a deeply meaningful place from which to understand our daily issues. A series of teachings divided into study days, it can easily be read as a devotional.

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