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Healing from Addiction

Healing from Addiction


It Isn't Free and It Isn't Masonry

A Doorway to Release from Freemasonry’s Unseen Curses for Masons, Their Families and Descendants

Freemasonry in your direct family bloodline or by personal involvement results in personal problems not usually attributed to this source. This book will help you discover, diagnose and remove them.

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Price: £13.99 (approx €16.34)
Steps To Life 33 of 52: Breaking Free From Addiction - MP3 Download

Speaker: Peter Horrobin
26 mins
In this teaching Peter explains how the physical addictions to smoking, alchohol, over-eating, sex or even over-exercise can also be spiritual addictions. They put us under the control of Satan and can cover up inner pain. By admitting we are out of control an..... (see details for more information)

Price: £2.55 (approx €2.98)
Illusions of Intimacy
This book is a newsflash to unsuspecting Christians everywhere! It is a tool of valuable information on how the ‘virus’ of sexual addiction originates and what keeps it alive. If you, or anyone you know is struggling with compulsive addictions, read this book, break free and come to complete healing and deliverance!

Price: £9.99 (approx €11.67)
The Choice

Rejecting his Christian upbringing and wanting to satisfy his every pleasurable desire, the author turned away from a ‘limiting’ God and made a ‘deal with the devil’ who seemed to offer so much. Indulgence, pleasure and freedom seemed to satisfy until the day his world came crashing down. If your life feels out of control, this book offers that same hope that transformed Andy’s life.

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Price: £7.99 (approx €9.33)
Steps To Life 20 of 52: Hope for the Sexually Abused - MP3 Download

Speaker: Peter Horrobin

In this teaching, Peter Horrobin shares about the love of the heavenly Father and how He desires to take those affected by sexual abuse on a journey of healing and restoration. Real-life testimonies are shared to bring hope to those in need so that they can..... (see details for more information)

Price: £2.55 (approx €2.98)